Environmentally Friendly Plastic

About bioPVC™ Technology

We are no longer issuing the Bridgewater Bank Cash Back MasterCard®*


Unlike regular credit card plastics, Bridgewater Bank issued MasterCard credit cards are 98% biodegradable. Our cards are made using the latest card plastic technology; bioPVC.

Under normal every day usage, the bioPVC material will not break down. It can be swiped, used in an ATM or left in a wallet without being affected.


However bioPVC products are able to biodegrade in most normal waste environments where there is water, nutrients and microorganisms present. These can include compost, waterways or places where other items are biodegrading. The microorganisms consume the plastic with complete disintegration taking place over a nine month to five year period.


Your Bridgewater Bank issued MasterCard can also be fully recycled with other plastics. The biodegrading aspect will not affect any product made from the recycled cards.


In 2011, Bridgewater Bank and its credit card supplier, CPI Group, won an Innovation Award for this environmentally friendly technology  This award came from Advanced Card Technologies (ACT), an international association for the advancement of card technologies.


For more information on the bioPVC material and Bridgewater Bank issued MasterCard credit cards, please contact us.