Biodegradable is better!

In 2011, BridgewaterBank and its credit card supplier, CPI Group, won an Innovation Award for producing the first biodegradable card in Canada. The award was presented by Advanced Card Technologies (ACT), an international association for the advancement of card technologies.

Unlike regular credit card plastics, CAA MasterCard®*credit cards are 98% biodegradable because they’re manufactured using the latest card plastic technology; bioPVC. In normal, every day use, the bioPVC will not break down. It can be swiped, used in an ATM or left in a wallet without being affected.

BioPVC products are able to biodegrade in most normal waste environments where there is water, nutrients and microorganisms present. These can include compost, waterways or places where other items are biodegrading. Disintegration takes place over a nine month to five year period. When it’s time to dispose of an expired card, simply cut it up and add it to your regular plastic recycling.

Here’s to making a greener choice!



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