My Smart eSavings Account

The Smart Way To Save

Your Bridgewater Bank Smart eSavingsTM Account is the smart way to save with highly competitive interest rates, ‘set it and forget it’ automatic pre-authorized contributions, one free withdrawal a month and easy access to your money. Why save? Because, saving money is a smart idea but Smart eSaving is even smarter.


Features and Benefits

Open a Smart eSavings account and immediately benefit from a number of uncommon features:

  • Interest calculated daily on total closing balance – no minimum required
  • Interest compounded and paid monthly directly into your Smart eSavings Account
  • One free withdrawal per calendar month
  • Initial deposit requirement only $25
  • Save as much as you want, when you want with ‘set it and forget it’ automatic pre-authorized contributions

Keeping An Eye On Your eSavings
Reviewing your balance or updating account details is easy with Smart eSavings. Learn how you can easily manage your account.


Pre-authorized Contributions

It’s easy to set up Pre-Authorized contributions with our Pre-Authorized Contribution Form.

Simply choose the amount you’d like to save and how often. That’s it. The only thing easier is sitting back and watching your savings grow!

If you’re already signed up for pre-authorized contributions but want to make an alteration, just change your Pre-Authorized contributions to suit your needs or goals.


Withdrawing Funds
If the time is right to make that big purchase, or to get at your money for an emergency, it’s good to know that making a withdrawal from your Smart eSavings account is easy.


Questions? Contact us.