Pre-Authorized Contributions

Effortless Savings

When saving for something big, every dollar counts. Whatever your goal, we can help you reach it faster with a pre-authorized contribution into your Smart eSavings account. Simply set up regular deposits from your bank account and we’ll handle the rest. Saving money has never been easier or smarter.


How To Set Your Pre-Authorized Savings Plan

Automatic withdrawals can be set up when you open your account or created later by completing a Pre Authorized Debit (PAD) and Contribution (PAC) Agreement. You can change the frequency or amount of your contributions at anytime simply by submitting a new PAC agreement.

Funds can be transferred from your external bank account to your Bridgewater Bank Smart eSavings Account on a monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly or annual basis. And you can start with as little as $25.

Set up a pre-authorized contribution today! Contact us for more information.