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Mortgage funding made easier

As part of our ongoing mission to provide clients with prompt, efficient service at competitive rates, Bridgewater Bank has implemented a significantly enhanced mortgage instruction and funding process.

While the mortgage commitment letter and the statement of disclosure will continue to be emailed or faxed, the standard instructions and remaining forms are now available online allowing solicitors to conveniently download them as required.

In addition, our new Request for Funds allows for much quicker funding, as a combination of gap insurance (Western Protocol) and a solicitor’s undertaking replaces the need for provision of all documentation up front.

To ensure timely funding of your file, please return all documentation to us at least three business days prior to scheduled closing.

For specific questions, please contact the funder assigned to your file. If your file has not yet been instructed, or for general inquiries, please contact:

Linda Bulmer
Manager, Mortgage Operations