The Gateway Open Mortgage (NEW)

The Gateway Open Mortgage is a one-year open term mortgage for your alternative customers who need flexible short-term financing. Whether selling their home,waiting for an inheritance, or on the cusp of being considered prime borrowers, this solution allows your customer to payout at any time without charge.

  • Based on Beacon Scores & property type:
    80% max. LTV: 640 + beacon score
    75% max. LTV: 600 – 639 beacon score
    65% max. LTV: 550 – 599 beacon score and rental properties
    65% max. LTV: Rental Properties
  • All LTV inclusive of fees
  • Min. 550 beacon
  • Self-declared income not eligible
  • Discharged from bankruptcy
  • Will pay off derog debts from re-fi proceeds
  • Single family, duplex, fourplex, townhouse, apartment condo
  • Property must be registered in personal name
  • No co-ops, rental pools, timeshares, fractional ownership, mobile homes or draw mortgages
  • Appraisals required (PDF): choose from up to three local, Bridgewater Bank approved appraisers provided in commitment

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