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We understand your mortgage is one of the most exciting, important financial decisions you’ll make. That’s why we offer mortgage solutions that help you meet your goals and suit your lifestyle. Bridgewater Bank is one of the top alternative mortgage companies Canada has to offer.

At Bridgewater Bank, you’ll find the unexpected – unique products built specifically to meet your individual needs. Whatever the situation, we provide unbanklike solutions for our customers through our valued expert mortgage broker partners.

Reasons to use a mortgage broker

Whether you’re self-employed, a residential real estate investor or looking to buy your dream home, a mortgage broker will find you the best solution. Mortgage brokers:

  • Are experts in their field. They know mortgages, and they know how to negotiate with lenders.
  • Will save you time. Researching each lender on your own can be cumbersome. Leaving it to your mortgage broker allows you to spend your time doing what matters to you.
  • Will walk you through the mortgage process. We admit it – mortgages are complicated. Your mortgage broker understands this and will help you through the process from handling documentation requirements to researching the best mortgage option for your unique circumstance.

Connect with a mortgage broker

Need help finding a mortgage broker close by? Complete the form below and one of our Business Development Managers that works in your area will connect you to a broker from one of our external broker partnerships. You can also ask your friends and family for a recommendation, or check your local registered mortgage broker association for an accredited mortgage professional (AMP). Here are a couple links to get you started:

Talk to your mortgage broker about how our mortgage solutions can meet your needs or contact us.

Need help finding a mortgage broker?

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“I was amazed with the service.”

Mary Nessel – Hamilton, Ontario

“The service was quick and it was easy to understand the conditions.”

Ed LeBlanc – Winnipeg, Manitoba

“It was a real pleasure working with Bridgewater Bank on this file — common sense throughout, just like the good ol’ days.”

Gregory Campbell – Prince George, British Columbia

“Overall, the communication and service was great. I enjoyed my first experience with Bridgewater Bank and look forward to completing more deals.”

Kristi Hyson – Calgary, Alberta

“I had excellent support from the Bridgewater Bank team.”

Gulshan Sethi – Toronto, Ontario

“I was impressed with my experience.”

Jessica Hay – Regina, Saskatchewan

“In Bridgewater Bank’s case, they were very clear on everything. It gave my client the opportunity to get this short term solution done which will help her future immensely.”

Jane Wakelyn – Prince George, British Columbia