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Bridgewater Bank is a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank that manages over $3.3 billion in residential mortgages and deposits, representing over 53,000 accounts across Canada. We specialize in competitive residential mortgages and deposit products, offered through a select network of trusted brokers.

Established in 1997, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Alberta Motor Association (AMA), the largest membership service organization in Alberta.

What’s more, our values – which we share with AMA – are rooted in a commitment to provide superior, personal, expert service with integrity. We share the philosophy that our customers are practically family and we look after them that way.

Like you, we’re everyday people who understand that real-life is imperfect. Our focus is providing honest, straightforward service and financial solutions for everyday living and important life events.

While innovation and automation in banking has been non-stop, we know that no amount of automation can replace human touch. In a numbers industry, our top priority is always people. Try us and see for yourself.

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We're a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Alberta Motor Association (AMA).
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“BwB is a down to earth, approachable and flexible bank whom we trust. They are willing to collaborate to streamline processes and establish efficiencies between our two companies.”

Kristy Pokrywka-Driver – Deposit Broker Services Inc. (DBS)

“I was amazed with the service.”

Mary Nessel – Hamilton, Ontario

“I find with my dealings with Bridgewater Bank they always conduct themselves professionally, easy to deal with and are quick to respond to any inquiries we may have. They also go the extra step to accommodate a request if possible.”

Deanna Pelaez – Monarch Wealth

“In Bridgewater Bank’s case, they were very clear on everything. It gave my client the opportunity to get this short term solution done which will help her future immensely.”

Jane Wakelyn – Prince George, British Columbia

“It is such a pleasure to deal with the GIC department. Always prompt and very courteous service.”

Terry Abrahams – The Bradford Financial Team

“I had excellent support from the Bridgewater Bank team.”

Gulshan Sethi – Toronto, Ontario

“We have a cohesive relationship with Bridgewater Bank because they believe in what we believe in: straight forward and practical processes with forward thinking and efficient solutions. Bridgewater Bank is just like GICdirect – Simple, Safe and Secure!”

Joanna Ritchie –

“It was a real pleasure working with Bridgewater Bank on this file — common sense throughout, just like the good ol’ days.”

Gregory Campbell – Prince George, British Columbia