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Employee Support

Who do I call to get the latest information on Bridgewater Bank’s operations if the website is not available?

Call the Bridgewater Bank Employee Hotline at 1.888.718.1729 for recorded information on the bank’s operations, which is updated daily during an emergency.


I am part of Bridgewater Bank’s critical operations team. Where do I report for work?

The bank has a back-up location where critical operations happen. Please talk to your manager about this location and your role in an emergency.


I need to talk to someone at AMA about employment, benefits, pension and compensation matters. Who do I call?

You can reach AMA Human Resources at 1.855.448.5678 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


I need someone to talk to about a personal or family matter.

  • Humanacare 1.800.661.8193
  • Bridgewater Bank’s resource for issues ranging from stress, financial counseling, depression, grief and bereavement
  • Available 24/7

Have a question? Email Bridgewater Bank Corporate Communications