Maximize your GIC investment

Bridgewater Bank’s non-registered, non-redeemable Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) offer competitive rates, and we offer flexible terms to suit your lifestyle and investment goals. Our GICs provide security for your investment dollars, as well as a fixed rate of return.

Consider these tips when you’re investing in a GIC:

Climb the ladder to GIC success

When you “ladder”, you purchase multiple GICs with different maturity dates. Once all the money is invested, you would have portions of your investment coming up for renewal regularly.

Diversify by products

By diversifying your investment across a variety of short and long term investment products, you are able to benefit from the different terms and rates that each product offers.

Always be prepared

Create an emergency fund so you don’t rely on credit or a loan during an emergency. Simply direct a small monthly amount into a Smart eSavings account and build up your fund.

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