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*** Our phone lines are open and we’re here to help but are experiencing very high call volumes. Our teams are working diligently to respond to all inquiries as quickly as you would normally expect us to. We are currently responding to voicemail, email and online inquiries within approximately 48 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.***


A message from our COO, Peter O’Neill

The last month or so has been a whirlwind for everyone. The development of COVID-19 has taken a toll on families and businesses across Canada. We understand these are difficult times for many homeowners facing financial hardship and possibly illness, and our hearts go out to all those that have been impacted by COVID-19.

Like many, Bridgewater Bank has evolved and adapted to a new environment. I am pleased to say about 90 per cent of our employees are still working from home safely to ensure we are doing our part to limit the further spread of the virus. Our top priorities are the well-being of our employees, our clients, our families, our communities, and continuing to provide the common-sense solutions we have always been known for. While this outbreak certainly comes with its challenges, it has also offered an opportunity for growth and for that, we are thankful.

Over the last few weeks, we have heard firsthand what many of you are going through. To help relieve some financial stress, we have been offering mortgage deferrals to those impacted by COVID-19. So far, we have helped 20 per cent of our households by deferring payments. We know it is a challenging time for many, and our team has made me incredibly proud by not only helping homeowners arrange deferrals, but by taking the time to hear their stories and assure them of our support.

The bank remains focused on our customers like they are family. It’s how we’ve always done things and will continue to do in these unique circumstances. We have weathered many storms; I know we will come through the other side of this one with a new set of skills and a new confidence for the next challenge, because inevitably there will be one.

As time progresses, we will continue to monitor the developments around COVID-19 and keep you updated about any adaptations we make to our services. If you have questions, know that we are always here to help. Sometimes it is difficult to reach out, but I hope it is easier knowing there is someone that cares on the other end. A single conversation can make a big difference in times like these.

I hope that you will continue to look to us to help you find the right mortgage solution and investment options, because we are here and ready to help. I also hope you and your families stay healthy and safe.

Take care of yourselves and one another.


peter signature

Peter O’Neill

Chief Operating Officer


We’re here to help

We understand these are difficult times for homeowners who are facing financial hardship and possibly illness due to COVID-19. Please know we are here to help and speak about options available, we urge you to reach out to 1.866.243.4301 (within Canada/USA) or 1.403.817.7000 (outside Canada/USA) or by email.